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That accessory that upgrades any outfit

Mantras for Daughters #6

Mantras for Daughters #6

It’s hard to put an outfit together! There are so many parts to consider: color, texture, jewelry, shoes, hosiery, handbag, underwear. You have to consider what’s clean, what fits, which layering pieces are needed for sudden changes in weather. How can one ever be expected to get it right?

When in doubt, add the accessory that makes every outfit look great: your smile.

It sounds corny but it’s not. Whether your smile is a charming one, a mischievous one, a flirty one, or a demure one, it will take all the attention away from whatever it is you’re hoping no one will notice. Like maybe the wrinkles in your blouse, the cat hair on your bottom after sitting in Fluffy’s favorite chair, or your hair that in your opinion is one day past its wash-by-date.

A smile can leave a more lasting impression of you than any of those other things you fret about.

(“Cat hair? What cat hair?”)

I’m telling you, a smile has a way of making everything look better!


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