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The shoes found the perfect outfit


Erin is my lovely assistant. She’s also one of my lovely daughters. From the moment she was interested in my fashion opinion, we’ve played Fashion Show. Fashion Show is when she brings me clothes or accessories she’s purchased and she tries each one on and asks me what I think. She’s never gotten tired of playing Fashion Show and that’s just fine by me.

Recently she showed me this pair of shoes she purchased in San Francisco. She loved the color and loved the interesting masculine/feminine feel of them. Although she didn’t have any idea what she’d wear them with, I encouraged her to keep them. It was such an interesting color and how often do you find that?

The other day she showed up to meet our client wearing this outfit. I adore it! And there were those lovely shoes!

the perfect shoe

the perfect shoe

Here’s how she put the outfit together. She started with the decision to wear the pants (by Vince). Next came the top (also by Vince) because it went so well with the color of the stripe in the pant. When she went looking for shoes, there was the the gray/green odd-colored-and-now-perfect pair of shoes right there in her closet.

It’s hard to look at this outfit and imagine any other color shoe, isn’t it? A strong colored shoe would grab too much attention. I like how this shoe just flows into the outfit and you just naturally travel up the body and land at her face. I like to tell my clients that every outfit I create for them is meant to move the eye up the body and quickly. Why? Besides being a slimming technique (lots of women want to look slim!) I want the attention to come to the face which is the communication center for everyone.


Her simple chain necklace highlights her hair. I don’t think this outfit could handle much more accessorizing.

This outfit is a winning combination!


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    Theresa T. Webb
    December 10, 2016 at 1:33 am

    Nice shoe!!! 🙂 I t is the perfect outfit. This shoe will safe you for walking!! : 🙂

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