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The Wonderful Sue Donnelly (and the Wonderful Dress)

Sometimes a dress does all the work for you. You just slip it over your head, add shoes and hose (or no hose), an earring, grab a handbag and you’re done and out the door in 5 minutes!

Sue Donnelly is from the United Kingdom and is a friend and colleague of mine. Recently at our AICI conference, she wore a few inspirational outfits and dresses were the centerpiece. They are works of art, aren’t they? Sue loves to celebrate women as works of art. She’s a great walking example of her philosophy!

Snapping these pictures at conference and enjoying them now has me thinking more about dresses for myself. I’ve been migrating toward them slowly and now I think I want to see a bigger section of my wardrobe made up of dresses.

Are you a fan of them? What’s your favorite? Do you wear dresses often? Tell me more!

Find out more about Sue at www.suedonnelly.com

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