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Thinner magazines

I am very sad that the fashion magazines  are so thin these days. I feel badly for the publishers of my “visual candy” who are not getting their advertising dollars and are many, many pages less than normal. But, the consequence of those thin publications is that I find myself reading them more! Before when they were so fat, I would start a magazine, put it down, and maybe it would get buried by the daily newspapers that I read first. But now, I pick up the magazine and might read it through, start to finish, and love it. It’s a weird outcome, I know, and I’m not suggesting I hope it stays this way. Just now and until the economy recovers more robustly, maybe I’ll get more reading done!

How are the magazines doing in other countries? My favorite source for international magazines closed down last month!
I’m really wondering what the September issues will be like. That’s when you’d have to do some body building just to pull the many-pound-magazine out of the mailbox! What’s your reading experience been like? Are you missing those extra pages?

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