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This tool keeps my pants up

With two days before Thanksgiving here in the States, it’s hard to imagine having a problem with pants falling down. It might not be a problem by Friday, right? But here’s the deal. I have these great leggings that are cut like jeans. They are in in Ponte knit, so very comfortable. They’re cut just below the waistline. I like to wear longer tops over the leggings (Rule #1 for wearing leggings in the first place!) and I often want to belt that longer top.

What I’ve done in the past is belt the legging so it won’t slip down using a slim belt that has a very flat buckle. Then I add the top and then add an additional belt over the top for fit and fashion purposes. So I’m wearing two belts while people are only viewing one.

I was reaching for those leggings and planning to wear a fancy top with it for work last week. I decided to try something new to address my fit issue, like maybe get a big diaper pin to hold in the center back of the pant so it would stay on my hips and I wouldn’t have to double belt my outfit. But then, the fashion fairy that lives in my house whispered in my ear, “Brenda, don’t you have a fashion fix for that in your wardrobe kit?”

‘Always listen to the fashion fairy’ is my motto so I went to my wardrobe kit supply box (a hat box, actually) in my office and opened it. In no time, I was ripping through the packaging to try out my Hollywood Hip Hugger, the no-buckle, no-bulk, no front belt!

I bet I’ve had that fashion fix in my wardrobe supply hat box for years! I was so excited about it! I slipped it through the center back belt loop, attached the ends to the neighboring belt loops and the fit was fabulous! With an extra bounce in my step (and no worries about my pants falling down) I skipped off to work.

While I was in my client’s closet, I was making new outfits for her and guess what? She was having the same problem! I had her in a corduroy pant and the back was gaping. “These just seem to want to fall down,” she said.

Of course, I did what any fashion consultant would do. I reached behind my back, undid my no-front belt, and put it on her pants. She was amazed and delighted just like I’d been! I left it with her and couldn’t wait to get back home and reattach the spare one I knew was in the hat box.

So if this is a problem you have, this is the solution! Check it out at HollywoodFashionTape.com or order it on Amazon. No more pants falling down for me or you!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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