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Tips & Takeaways from Sag & Golden Globes

There are plenty of things in awards shows that will take your breath away. Like plunging necklines, busy prints on dresses that should have stayed at home in the closet (Tina Fey), and poor fit. But wait, let me take off my cynical hat for a moment and also mention the totally breathtaking women in gowns, men in evening wear and diamonds, emeralds and rubies that dazzle and delight the eye.

I am so happy to NOT be on the red carpet having my outfit, hair and makeup picked apart. Don’t you wonder about how they handle perspiration? There’s so much one could fret about so hey, hats off to anybody who even attempts it!

But let’s talk about some great fashion takeaways for us ordinary, none-actress types that are inspired by the recent Golden Globe and Sag Award’s shows.

Here are my top 5 Award Show Tips & Takeaways Plus One Clunker

1. There were lots of women in pale gowns (big color direction for spring fashion 2010) and I noticed the women had barely there, pale nail polish that kept the focus on the dewy gowns. Good call!

2. I’m loving the bangle bracelets that lots of women are wearing. Toni Colette at the SAG awards wore double bangles on the same arm. They were different metals, different scale but they had one thing in common and that was the turquoise stones which were in both bangles and of the same tone. When mixing bracelets on the same arm, look for one element that ties them together. Good call, Toni!

3. Julia Roberts’ outfit hit some of the best-dressed lists. Her Golden Globe dress was modest, short-not-long, and black. No big areas of skin were showing. She wore a chunky pendant necklace that followed the line of the dress and it had lots of gold in it which picked up the golden highlights in her hair. That necklace was a perfect frame for her face. She’s no longer the ingenue and I really liked how she wasn’t trying too hard. Everyone out there–go find a necklace that repeats the color of your hair and wear it with everything!

4. Chandelier earrings adorned lots of ears as did long pendant style drop earrings. There’s nothing that says “glamour” more than long, dangly earrings. However, for any woman over 40, before you go for these earring types, check out that pierced hole in your ear. Is it a pricked hole or has it become a slit instead? It’s very aging for a woman to wear an earring that looks like it’s hanging on for dear life. Either get it surgically stitched up, start again by piercing a hole higher up on the lobe or wear an earring that has a base that covers the slit.

5. There were many beautiful cocktail rings adorning fingers and I think this is a terrific way to be polished and accessorized without a lot of fuss. The ring in the photo belongs to a colleague of mine. She was wearing this at a recent conference and is an example of a great way to wear a large cocktail type ring in daytime settings. Notice it isn’t sparkly or pointy. I say “think rings” for style this spring.

The Clunker: Mariah Carey had a breakout role in the somber movie, Precious. I wanted to celebrate her performance but golly! it’s hard to take a woman seriously when her globes are displayed the way hers were in a dress with an extra-wide, plunging neckline. Did her chest really need the additional product on them that made her breasts look shiny and polished? I understand the element of sexiness, but this was way past sexy. She played a character in a serious movie that told a difficult story. I think she should have worn something a little more respectful and restrained to honor her work in the film.

But that’s just me. Your thoughts?

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  • Reply
    January 31, 2010 at 2:26 pm

    Man, Mariah just LOVES her boobs, doesn’t she?

    I don’t love the pale gowns. Maybe for weddings and teas, but not for night, especially a big one in Hollywood. I love seeing women in COLOR.

    I’m sure Toni Collette’s stylist figured out her bracelets! I love bangles at night because you can’t HEAR how loud they are. I am dreaming of double cuffs like Coco wore, but alas, they are all too big for my tiny wrists.

    • Reply
      February 3, 2010 at 8:09 am

      You know what? I am the audience member on Award’s shows that can’t wait to see who wore the pale-colored gowns. I LOVE THEM! They are nearly always my favorites. I find them dreamy, sexy, open and lovely. Just goes to show how fashion and style is all so personal! Thanks for sharing your comments–and let me at those bangles!

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