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To match or not to match


Could this home design quote apply to our outfits?

I was just driving home about thirty minutes ago and heard an interview on the radio with a Norwegian blogger (his subjects are food and crafts but didn’t catch his name) who shared three words that always stuck with him. His grandmother used to say, “Perfection is boring.” At a stop sign I grabbed a pen and notepad to write that down. I loved it! I immediately felt freer when I repeated it to myself. This blogger lives his life with that motto in mind and encourages others to do it, too.

I don’t think it’s a stretch to put the intention of matching earrings to a necklace, a color in a scarf to a top, or a shoe color to the color of a pant as an expression of perfectionism. “It has to match perfectly!” is a phrase I heard somewhere. Was it around my house? Was it from a salesperson in a store?

When I see too much matching going on, I get bored quickly and turn my gaze somewhere else. When someone is wearing a variety of prints or is layering mixed metals, or deliberately does not match a shoe to a bag, it holds my interest. It draws me in.

Now a woman with a classic style might very much like to have things matching: everything looking polished and in its place. But I’m a champion of women showing up and looking youthful and modern and I think too much matching makes someone look old.

We’re going to see “matching” as a style trend this spring. Or at least it’s in the magazine pages. We’ll have to see if it takes off or not. Picture this: a small scale floral print blouse with matching loose-fitting pants and a matching floral print handbag. Yikes! I wonder if this would make sense on a young person. I think it could make a woman over 50 look silly and a bit out of date even if it’s the latest trend.

When I’m styling an outfit for a client, I aim to give her a fresh, up-to-date look whether we’re working with clothes we bought last week or clothes she’s owned for years. I would swear on a stack of Bibles that being matchy-matchy is not going to help me achieve a current look for her.

Maybe you have created smart looks while being matchy-matchy. Will you share? I’m always willing to learn new things! Until then, I’m going to stick to my strategy of not overdoing the matching.

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    Brenda Kinsel
    March 26, 2014 at 7:58 pm

    Melinda left me great information about the blogger I reference here in this post. She sent me a private email and I got her permission to post it here. I found the info delightful!! Thanks, Melinda!

    Here’s the scoop:
    Hi Brenda,

    I believe the man whom may have said those wonderful words is Paul Lowe Einlyng “Sweet Paul”. http://www.sweetpaulmag.com/home
    They rang a bell with me and I found an old clip from a blog here (http://www.designworkscapecod.com/?tag=home):

    “…considering Paul Lowe Einlyng’s motto, “fullkommenhet er kjedelig” (adopted from his Norwegian grandmother) “perfection is boring.”

    Loved the post.


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