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Okay, you wanted proof? Here’s proof! Here’s the chart I wrote out the day before leaving for conference in Irvine, which was this whole last weekend. Great planning although I forgot to put the plan in the suitcase! I left it on the kitchen counter. Oh well. Everything, absolutely everything got worn, not in the order I’d planned. But hey, when you’ve made a plan, it’s safe to change the plan. It’s when we have no plan at all that we get into trouble. I’ll have so much to share but right now, I’m writing my fashion column for the Pacific Sun. Jason, my editor, so kindly let me get it in at the last minute as I told him I’d be in a hotel filled with fashionistas and would want to share the latest and the best with my readers.

FYI, last night during the gala, there was a 4.7 earthquake and the whole room shook. My London friends were not amused. It’s probably every non-Californian’s worst nightmare that they’ll come to CA and the “big one” will happen. I stayed calm and prayed there would be no aftershocks or I knew chaos would ensue. No one needs that on a night when they’re in the highest of heels! Oh, and the elevators went out. Forgot to mention that! So those high heels came off as people walked the stair as far up as 12 floors to get to their room. I can feel it in my gluts!

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