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It always happens to me when I travel, and maybe it happens to you, too. Somewhere near the end of the trip, a few things become clear. They may be to-do items but mostly they are ideas or realizations that I want to take with me and hold near. I call them Travel Stickies. Hopefully they stick with me for awhile but in truth, they may be far, far away a week from now. In this little gap between being away and getting home, they are still fresh. Here are my Travel Stickies from this trip back to Minnesota to visit my family.

1. Brew tea from a teapot and sip from Mother’s beautiful teacups.

2. Make more phone calls; send fewer e-mails.

3. Enjoy my good health.

4. Appreciate what I have.

5. See things working out for the best.

6. Moisturize more.

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