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At Thanksgiving my friend Maggan from Stockholm was carrying this beautiful beaded clutch against her pretty berry velvet dress. It was very attractive. In fact, my two daughters, Erin and Caitlin, had their eye on it and were lusting after it as well. Caitlin took a turn checking it out and it looked just as great with the green dress she was wearing. I had to have a turn. When I moved my hand across the front of it there were no rough edges. It was really smooth. I didn’t want to let go! We teased Maggan saying she better be careful or she wouldn’t find it at the end of the night.

Of course, we wanted to know where she got it. She’s a very well traveled woman. It could have come from anywhere!

Before she could answer Erin jumped in and said, “If you say you got it at H&M, I’m going to get up and go home!”

“I bought it in Los Angeles at H&M,” she said.

Erin exclaimed, “I go in there and never find anything!”

If H&M had been right around the corner, we might have jumped right up before the apple-cranberry-current pie was served and hunted it down.

I think there really is an art to shopping those fast fashion stores where new shipments come in every day. But handbags are the one thing I will always check out at a TJMaxx or an H&M. It helps to have been in higher end stores and perused departments, handled things, or tried things on so when you spot a piece that looks more expensive than it is, you have a reference point for it. Sometimes cheap things can look really cheap. But sometimes they look just right.

Have I run right out to purchase it? No. Probably because I’m in the business I am, I know great things will always be in stores. I don’t feel like this is my only chance to find a great beaded clutch. But I can promise you, based on Maggan’s great outfit, the next time I’m near an H&M I will definitely duck in for a quick look!

Do you find great things at cheap prices that you wear and love? Do share!

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