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Usher is my new hero!

I’m a day late–and don’t tell me who got kicked off of Idol this week because I’m still watching last night’s show. I had to put the TV on pause to write down what guest mentor Usher had to say to American Idol contestant Siobhan Magnes. He coached her on her song but then said, “Have you thought about your wardrobe?” She was dressed in a totally mixed up outfit which caught Usher’s attention–not in a good way. Usher told Shobhan, “You want to be sure that you don’t have so much going on that people get away from what you have to offer as a vocalist.”

Siobhan had her worst week so far. She was off key in about a dozen places. Randi commented on her boots. He liked them. Simon thought she was all over the place with her song and added, “You look all over the place too.”

Presenting oneself, whether on American Idol or on life’s stage wherever you are, has a lot to do with the packaging. How are you packaging yourself? Are you all over the place? Are you making it easy to communicate with? Are you pushing people away or drawing them in? Clothes do so much talking for us. I hope they’re telling the true story about you.

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