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Valentine’s Day tips even if you veto Valentine’s Day

1. Wear comfortable shoes. I know you want to wear the sexiest ones you own but only if you’re getting dropped off at the front door of the restaurant and not having to park and walk. A client wore her killer heels and they nearly killed her when she had blocks to walk with a new date. Ouch!

2. Wear a smaller handbag than what you’re used to. The restaurants are packed and you don’t want your big work bag to knock someone off their chair as you squeeze by their table. I was that person one Valentine’s Day that nearly got injured!

3. You don’t HAVE to wear red-red to stay true to Valentine’s Day. While still being in the romantic theme, you can choose shades of pink, rose, merlot, even red-violet. Not all shades of red are equally attractive on everybody. Wear whatever flatters you!

4. Eat something before you leave for dinner. A growling stomach isn’t your best feature! Restaurants are notoriously packed on Valentine’s Day and long waits are not unusual even with your reservation. Stay relaxed and calm with some food in your belly.

5. If you have to wear the sexy bra, be sure you’re wearing the loose tunic top.

6. If you’re wearing the tight top, be sure you’re wearing a t-shirt bra with no surface lace.

7. This is a great time to wear something you know your partner likes–his or her favorite pair of jeans on you, a favorite dress or sweater. It’s nice to think of the “other” on this special day.

8. Be comfortable in whatever you decide to wear. There’s a lot of pressure on this day and it’s not the time to wear something that is a size smaller than you should be wearing–which will hold your attention more than the sweetheart across the table from you. (“Ouch, this waistband is digging into my stomach!!”) This is for men and women. Guys, don’t pull out the nicer slacks and find they’re too small and wear them anyway.

9. If you’re a conservative dresser by nature, make what’s under your clothes a surprise!

10. Schedule an appointment for an updo, a mani/pedi or a facial to pamper yourself whether you’re going on a date or not!

11. Buy yourself a gift that would otherwise be bought by a “boyfriend or husband” if you’re not connected with someone. A colleague of mine does this and she’s acquired some great jewelry honoring herself this way!

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