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Valentino: The Last Emperor — the movie

OMG! You must go see this movie. It is a documentary (but easily feels like a dramatic story of love, loss, fame, fortune and humility) about Valentino and his partner of 50 years, oh, and the tribe of dogs that have names all starting with the letter “M”. I caught it in San Rafael (CA) so if anyone is local, see it now. It’s scheduled to be here until April 16th unless it is well received and then they’ll extend it. I went with one of my Bellas, Lynn, and we agreed: you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll mourn the passing of time and the place fashion holds in the world now and wonder about the future and be bathed in beauty all along the way. Valentino, a living legend, says onscreen while being interviewed by the press that he knows what women want. “Women want to be beautiful,” he says.

Watching him change his mind about the design of one particular gown, eavesdropping on his creative process, was truly inspirational. I can translate what he was doing into my own arena when I’m working with people’s current clothes and accessories and creating brand new looks, brand new outfits, out of what they already had.  I keep working the outfit until I get it just right. There’s always that moment when everything about the outfit is saying “YES!” Everything about this movie says, YES, you need to see it! Please, let’s chat about it!

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