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Vancouver memories & Olympian inspiration

I can’t watch the Olympics without reliving fond memories of being in Vancouver a year and a half ago. I went there to do some radio and TV spots for my book, Fashion Makeover. Everyone I met was so great. One couple really stood out. I was in the green room of The Fanny Kieffer Show in the Shaw Tower. I couldn’t help but notice the striking woman in white linen pants, an orange shirt and the greatest handbag. She just looked . . . joyful! She and her husband were there to talk about healthy food and healthy living. Of course, her handbag drew me in and that led to a great conversation.

Turns out Diane and her husband, Dr. Doug Clement, met each other as athletes at the 1956 Olympics in Melbourne, Australia. They’re passionate about great food, good nutrition and exercise. All the good stuff. Here they are in the green room. I’m pulling their book out again. It’s called Start Fresh, Your Complete Guide to Midlifestyle Food and Fitness. They were so inspiring and I’m so happy I met them.

I’ll be in Vancouver again in May for the Association of Image Consultants convention where I’ll be teaching a course. It will be fun to revisit favorite places. Watching the Olympics is making me itchy to get there again! And seeing this picture of Doug and Diane makes me want to follow their advice. They are radiant!

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