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Wardrobe malfunctions

I’m loving all the “travel wardrobe” comments and now I just have to jump off to the subject of wardrobe malfunctions and other mishaps. Helen’s story about the spilled latte (yikes!!!) and having to make an attempt to hide the incident on her travel outfit (good save, Helen) made me stop breathing for a minute. I hate when that happens!

I’m working on a wardrobe malfunction piece and I know you all have had some doozies, right? I asked a sales clerk at Neiman’s the other day about these and hers was stepping into her gown the opening night of the symphony, but in the powder room was a supply of everything a woman might need including double-sided tape to create an insta-hem and she fixed it right away.
I have a daughter who was in a hip hop dance troupe in the Bay Area and during a performance, a boob got loose (more innocently than in Janet Jackson’s episode). It was certainly a malfunction but in the setting, it wasn’t disastrous according to the dance troupe leader. But you and I are not hip hop dancers so if it happened to us, we might be a bit upset! But, I know you. You’d have a solution. So spill the beans okay? I want to learn from you!

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