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Wardrobe Wellness Project: Editing

Love what you wear

I have a wish for all my clients and that’s to have a closet filled with clothes that work for them 100%, 100% of the time. What does it take to have that? Editing. Frequent editing.

Without editing, a closet seems to grow and expand all on its own. It gets carried away, out of control, filled with useful and useless things. It’s time-consuming getting dressed for anything if you have to sort through both the useful and the useless things in an effort to find something to wear. It’s easy to give up and fall back on the same three outfits that you remember the parts to and not venture into that jungle in there.

Everyone is different. Some people need lots of variety, other people feel smothered by variety. So the quantity of clothes you own really doesn’t matter as much as the quality of them. And by quality I mean usefulness. My black leggings from TJ Maxx are super useful to me. I didn’t pay much for them but they have true value in my wardrobe. You may have clothes in all different price points but the most important thing is that they are useful to you.


  • They are in good working condition (could be put into an outfit tomorrow morning)
  • When you put them on, you feel the fit flatters you
  • You feel like “you” in them
  • They bring you pleasure


I’ve said, “Love what you wear, wear what you love.”

It’s still a great motto, but add a little something to that. Everything in your closet needs to be useful and usable NOW.


What’s not useful and usable now?

  1. Clothes that aren’t in your size (you know the ones)
  2. Clothes that are part of a lifestyle that you don’t have anymore
  3. Clothes you no longer love, respect or desire


Today’s Wardrobe Wellness Assignment: Edit twelve items

1. Pull out twelve items from your closet. It doesn’t matter if they are skirts, pants, dresses, tops, or t-shirts. Lay those twelve items on your bed and try each of them on, one at a time.

Ask yourself–

Is it useful?

Does it flatter?

Do you love, respect or desire it?


2. If the answers are yes, keep it. If the answer is no, start a donate pile. It’s time to let go. Remember that can-do January energy I talked about? Let it work for you now. Doing it in January is easier than any other month.

3. When you’ve edited twelve pieces, pull out twelve more if you feel like it and go through those twelve items.

4. Good job! Now tell us how it went! Either leave a comment here or come over to Brenda’s Tips & Teasers Facebook page and share.


Questions? Ask away!


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