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Wearing colors to match your cocktails

Stephanie's cocktail matches her scarf

Stephanie’s cocktail matches her scarf

It was a fun night last month, a private party for shareholders at the Hog Island Oyster Company, celebrating the new expansion of the popular restaurant in the Ferry Building in SF. I’m on the shareholders waiting list so my presence wasn’t quite legit, but I got to be there because my sweetheart, Russ, was photographing the event.

I couldn’t help taking out my iPhone to take some pictures myself. How could I resist taking a picture of Stephanie and her lovely French specialty cocktail? The pink drink with the creamy swirl on top and the slice of jalapeño pepper on the rim of the glass was perfectly paired with her pink and white paisley scarf that had its own hint of green in it. Irresistible! If you go there and want to order one, it’s called the French Heat.

Capturing pics of cocktails and their sippers

Capturing pics of cocktails and their sippers

Next up was Eva and her Virgin Bloody Mary which was divine! That drink sitting on the table next to my elbow was my choice as well. She had on the perfect nail color, didn’t she?  Now I’m sure this was all by accident…or was it?? The next time you go out for cocktails, see if you’re subconsciously matching your outfit!

Perfect nails to grip the Virgin Bloody Mary

Perfect nails to grip the Virgin Bloody Mary

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