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well worn wardrobe charts = well worn clothes

It’s spring update time and I’m spending time in my client’s closets getting them ready for the new season.

Our bible is the wardrobe binder. Every wardrobe binder is filled with charts like these that have outfits I can 100% guarantee are fabulous on my client because we’ve created them in her closet. All the details of each outfit goes on a chart. These charts then go into their binder so they never have to think or say, “I don’t have anything to wear!” They have dozens of things to wear and they’re all documented in their wardrobe binders

I ADORED finding this page in Sue’s binder last week. She explained the coffee stain this way: “I make my morning coffee and then I open up my binder and figure out what I’m going to wear that day. And, well, you can guess what happened, but I wasn’t going to take the chart out. I rely on these, obviously.”

The condition of the charts doesn’t matter. Using them is what’s important and I can see how much she uses hers! A well-worn wardrobe chart means she’s really wearing her clothes. But if you want to save yours from possible coffee spills, you can do what I do and slip each chart into a plastic sleeve protector.

(Wondering where to find these charts for yourself? Click on the Tips & Teasers page. If you have bad handwriting like I do, you can use the fillable ones you’ll find there and make yours neat and tidy!)



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