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What can the Oscars teach us

The Big One is coming up–the Oscars! All the other awards shows have been leading up to this one. It’s our chance to vote for our favorite outfits and watch to see who makes a misstep.

Or maybe we should be using it as a fashion laboratory for gaining insight into what we can do to change up our own look and make some new fashion moves this spring.

Here are some ways to watch the show, note what you like and start a “To Do” list of things to try yourself on your runway of life.

1. If you go crazy for a color, it might mean it could be crazy good on you!
2. Take note of what part of the body a dress is accentuating. Would this be a flattering focal point on your body?
3. Check out the placement of accessories. While the actresses are wearing jewels that require bodyguards, you can find the look at much lower price points — or maybe they’re already living in your jewelry drawer!
4. Is someone wearing their makeup in a look that would be great on you? Next time you’re at the makeup counter, tell the person the look you saw and they’ll help you replicate it.
5. Watch for hair accessories. You’ll see examples of this trend for sure! I’m wearing a hairband right at this moment all because it got my attention during the Golden Globes.
6. Undergarments are key! You may see evidence of an actress wearing them if she lifts her gown as she ascends the stage to receive her award. It’s what makes clothes fit and flatter the body. Is it time to investigate them for yourself? The confidence they provide is fabulous.

Have fun and tell me what you discovered for yourself!

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