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What if you built an outfit from the top down?

I’m completely loving reading the book The Ellements of Personal Style: 25 Modern Fashion Icons on How to Dress, Shop, and Live. One of these fashion icons, Fatima Robinson, a choreographer, said something that still has me thinking. She said, “Whether it’s a hat or an Hermes scarf, what I wear on my head dictates the mood for the rest of my outfit.”

I, like many, decided I don’t wear hats well. And yet I wore a Fedora all winter, a fascinator during the holidays and now I’m reaching for an olive green straw hat with a short brim. Yet I’d still say I’m NOT a hat person!

But what if I was? What if I started an outfit thinking about a hat or a hair accessory instead of a color or a pair of earrings, or a favorite pant? What if I wore headbands? What if I shopped in the accessory department and stocked up on hair accessories? I think it’s time I stop wondering and just get out there and do it. It seems like a great accessory to enjoy at any age.

Clockwise from top left: San Diego Hat Company fedora, Bop Basics raffia hat, Ficcare hair clip, Topshop felt fedora, Kate Spade colorblocked sun hat.

Are you a hat person? Could you become one? Do you have some hat tips for me?

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