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What not to buy on Black Friday

I’ve given this some serious thought. If I can be the boss for the day, here’s what you should not buy if you’re out shopping on the busiest day of the year (the crowds, the chaos — what were you thinking????) if you’re over 18 years old.

1. A black leather mini skirt — even if they’re “in” you shouldn’t be in one. Your age on your driver’s license may not match your mental age. If it’s “mini” anything, let the driver’s license number be your guide.

2. Black fishnet stockings that are designed to look ripped. But go ahead and buy the fine knit ones!

3. Black over the knee boots — they’ll go on sale in a couple of weeks. Hold off!

4. Black nail polish. I love it but it’s been overdone.

5. Another pair of black pants — unless they really are in a category that hasn’t been covered already!

If you made it through the throngs of shoppers and came away with some great purchases, good for you! Tell us what you found!

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