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What to wear the day of travel

I know, we’ve talked about traveling before–and talking about it and doing it are two different things. I certainly am happy to help clients pack for a trip with outfits that will all fit into a carry on bag. That doesn’t work for me. I try to fit all my books and magazines in my carry on bag. This time, my suitcase, which was checked, even held some overflow books. I can’t help myself. (Wait until I tell you about the one I bought at the airport! More on that next time.)

I’m envious of people who can travel light. Although that’s not me and I can live with that, I decided to see if I really use the things I bring. Maybe there are some things I could do without. I’ve taken my master list and I’m circling the things on my list that I packed for the flight itself and then what I brought for the trip (inside my suitcase) to see if I really need or use everything. I’m only at the beginning so will report further but I have to start with that very important thing–what to wear for the day of travel.
I am so pleased with my trip outfit: microfiber black pants (no wrinkles), comfy Frye sandals (easy on and off through security), black undershirt under a stretchy Theory 3/4 sleeve blouse that I’d pulled the tags off at 5 a.m. when I put it on (NO WRINKLES!), my Faconable jean jacket (a last minute thought), and my black and white polka dot cotton/linen scarf and a fun strand of pearls. Put together, not disheveled, comfortable, enough layers for if the flight was warm or cool (it was cool) and it even looked good at the end of the flight!
Everything about the trip took longer than expected (including the additional 2 hour drive once we landed at our destination) but I felt put together enough to just head to the most beautiful table next to the window overlooking Lake Louise minutes after checking into our hotel that same night. Now that feels like a win!
Here’s the thing: I’ve learned from one of my clients to just have a set trip outfit — that go-to outfit that you don’t have to think about. You just grab it and that’s it. No thinking (I like that part). Maybe I’ve found mine! Do you have one? Please share!
P.S. I’ll talk more about what I carry on the flight but I do have to admit this. I always carry a pair of socks on the plane and I am so glad I had them because my bare feet inside those sandals would have been frozen by the time the plane landed had I not slipped the socks on during the flight. Otherwise, closed toed shoes might have been a better choice.

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