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What to wear when it’s flooding

What's not to love about a puddle?

What’s not to love about a puddle?

‘Tis the season for rain in Northern California (at last!) and that gives us another opportunity to have fun with fashion!

What are the essentials? Rain boots, rainproof jackets, rain pants.

When it comes to cuteness, Kashaya is rolling in it! The tutu is my favorite part of her fabulous ensemble. Once the jacket and the boots are off, she’s ready to dance!


Storm warnings and fashion choices


When we were in the middle of the storm of the century/decade/last three weeks, I couldn’t wait to get out and check out the creeks. Of course, my cell phone had gone off a couple of times with emergency warnings about creeks flooding in my area. However, as long as I’ve lived in Sonoma, the creeks that are closest to my house have never gone over their banks. I wasn’t fearing for my life so I donned my trusty layers and headed out.


Flashy fashion in flood zones


I think I felt about four-years-old, just like Kashaya.

I took my iPhone with me so I could snap some pics and ended up taking some videos of the creeks.

When water isn’t destroying your property, it truly is amazing to watch it and to listen to it.

I posted a few of the sound effects on my Facebook page. A friend commented that he was sure I was in fashion form as I was out exploring. So I decided to share what I wore. Here it is:


From the waist up

My REI waterproof hooded jacket with plenty of pockets in hot pink

Lipstick color to harmonize with the jacket: Laura Mercier’s Plum Orchid

Scarf accessory is charcoal and white wool dots from Nordstrom ages ago

White tahari short sleeved shirt (not visible, but layer #1)

Black and gray reversible Lululemon long layering T-shirt (hanging below the jacket, layer #2)

Black v-neck cashmere sweater, not visible (label has fallen out, layer #3)


From the waist down

“Walking” jeans (because I only wear this pair for walking) by C Pink from McCaulou’s Department Store in Sonoma (not visible)

Waterproof pants by Lululemon (not attractive but oh-so-functional)

Smartwool socks from REI

La Canadienne knee-high boots, waterproof, from a store in Dublin, CA (too worn to wear with regular outfits but perfect for activities exactly like this)

Layered up and ready to explore storm damage

Layered up and ready to explore storm damage

I love being able to play in the rain and it’s much more fun staying dry the whole time.

Are you out in the rain? What are your go-to pieces?

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