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What you wore and when-captured!

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Is it important for you to remember what you wore to what and when? Certainly for high profile women there would be a need to know what group has already seen you in that chartreuse cocktail dress. We can be like Kate Middleton and recycle our outfits at different functions but maybe a few weeks or months apart.

This is a tiny bit of an issue with me and some of my clients who are independent consultants. They want to not show up at a client’s home or office wearing the same thing they wore last time. I’d prefer that too! If I decided to wear the same great outfit each day in one particular week, it would be new and fresh to each client. But I’d need to keep my weeks straight so I wasn’t repeating myself too much. That’s relying too much on my memory!

Well, let’s pretend for a minute that it matters. I created this example for you using one of my favorite apps: Pic Collage. It’s free and it allows you to manipulate photos, add text, create collages and save them in your library. One of my friends travels a lot and she takes pictures every day. At the end of the day she edits her pictures and creates a little collage in Pic Collage and adds the date and the place. She creates a photo album of trip memories.

So in this example, I wore this outfit with the Bellas, my image consulting buddies that get together every month. Last December we had high tea in the Garden Court at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. I wore my fascinator, my black lace dress by Laundry, black patent belt, L.K.Bennett high-heeled boots, Carlisle textured coat, Lust Luxe gunmetal framed handbag, Talbots gray leather gloves. I can see all the details in the photo.

I’m tempted to use Pic Collage as a way to document great combinations created during a flurry of creativity. I could take some selfies, go on Pic Collage, date them and keep them in my library of Great Outfits for quick reference.

Okay, have you downloaded that app yet? Let me know what you do with it!

(P.S. Full disclosure: Your image is going to look better than this one does. My blog format wants to distort this photo and make me look skinnier than I am. Don’t believe every picture you see!!!)




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