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What’s in your spring fashion stash?

Gardens at Cornerstone Sonoma, March 18, 2014 photo by Caitlin Kinsel

Gardens at Cornerstone Sonoma, March 18, 2014,
photo by Caitlin Kinsel

We’re getting hints of spring here in the Bay Area. The wisteria is blooming on arbors, the hills are temporarily green, and fresh pedicure colors on toes glistening in flip-flops aren’t far behind.

It would seem like a great idea to find a patch of sun and sit in it. But don’t get too comfy there because there’s wardrobe work to be done!

I’ve started it with my clients and it’s time for you to start too. Why? Because the first chance you get, you’ll want to be sporting a spring outfit feeling confident that it’s working for you. And if your spring pieces aren’t working, you’ll need to go shopping. That’ll take some scheduling on your part so give yourself the gift of time to sort, concentrate, and plan.

I’m going to ask you to pretend we’re working together. First step: Carve out a few hours for you and your spring wardrobe to get reacquainted after these long months of winter. Make a true appointment with yourself. Don’t allow interruptions. You’ll want to try everything on (yes, I mean it!) and take an inventory. Your mission is to discover what stays, what goes, and what needs replacing.

It’s easiest to work through items in bulk: pants, skirts, dresses, tops, jackets.

For example, try on all your pants. Are they fitting? Are they still in good shape? Are you still in love with them? If you answer “yes” to each question then hang them up or fold them on a shelf, depending on the fabric, and know that these pieces are good to go! Then ask yourself: Is there a pant style that’s missing? This is a good time to brainstorm your needs. Start a shopping list of things to look for during your upcoming self-disciplined shopping appointment.

Great! Now tackle the next clothing category of choice. Take breaks as needed but try to work through as much as you can using the full time allotment you gave yourself. If you need more time you can schedule another session.

Don’t give up! I know it can be laborious but the end result is peace of mind. If you give every piece of clothing this little bit of attention, you know they are there and ready to work for you as a team in April, May, June and beyond.

Consider the consequences of not doing this step. Instead you pull out your spring things and toss them on shelves, in drawers or on hangers without knowing what condition they’re truly in. Every time you grab something in a hurry to get dressed, you take a risk. It’s no fun to realize you put away those white linen pants at the end of the summer and they have a tear in them that you hadn’t noticed until now. Or you discover your cropped colored jeans are actually a wee bit too tight and you were planning to be out the door in five minutes. Oops!

Get all the information at once in your private closet sessions so you can get dressed with confidence in a calm way, not last minute when you could be facing a wardrobe emergency.

If you’re reading this and there’s still snow outside, please don’t make a snowball and throw it at me! I have faith that spring will find you fairly soon. And if you take this step, you’ll be ready when it does!

Happy Spring!

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  • Reply
    March 20, 2014 at 3:24 pm

    This is very timely as I have time blocked out this weekend to go through and try things on, etc. I really like your idea of trying on each category – pants, etc. – at a time. Very good way to see what’s a duplicate, what I might need, etc.

    I am also going to clear out the most wintry things and get them cleaned and put away. This time of year, I tend to have my spring things in the closet plus a few warmer things just in case we have a cool day.

    • Reply
      Brenda Kinsel
      March 22, 2014 at 7:32 am

      Sallie, I feel like this winter/spring has required special attention to almost weekly editing. I too have taken out the most wintery things but still items that will keep me toasty enough on that as-needed basis. Good luck this weekend! Time to think things through and review is time well spent. Let us know how it goes!

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