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When a makeup update can change your mood


Mantras for Daughters #7

Mantras for Daughters #7


Finding yourself when you find yourself lost can be a tough thing to do. The way back to yourself can be simple or complicated, time-consuming, work or not work. Here are a few things that people have tried:

1. Going to therapy.

2. Reading a self-help book.

3. Praying.

4. Repeating affirmations.

Then there are things that people try that involve higher risk or more expense, like:

1. Having an affair (“New guy’s name here just gets me!”)

2. Bingeing on one’s personal vice of choice: Lemon Drop cocktails, Snickers candy bars, Chanel anything.

3. Remodeling the house…again.

Sometimes it’s just less dangerous and less expensive to go to a makeup counter and let somebody play with beauty–your beauty. It can be an oasis to get some pampering and a new perspective. Heck, it could even turn your life around!

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