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Where did I put that last thought?

Wow! I got buried in projects (I’ll admit it, I’m a project junkie) and neglected my blog. Just went in and there are so many fantastic comments! I feel like I am inside many of your closets and maybe even viewing your inspiration boards. Is there any way to email me pictures that I could post on the blog? I’d love to share “you and your ideas” with the rest of you!!!

So, sitting in the middle of my many projects a couple of weeks ago, I hit had a “if I don’t get help figuring out how to do all the things I want to do, I’m going to explode” moment. So I called a professional organizer. I’ve had their services before in my life when I was early in my career. It was heavenly. I knew I’d get the help I needed but I had a great laugh at myself because I found myself wanting to get organized before the organizer got to my office. I had the a lot of compassion for my new clients who are nervous about me seeing their closets before our first visit. It’s not a bad thing that do some straightening out before I get there, but it is totally not a requirement. My organizer said to me, “If you organize things before I get there I won’t be able to see how you do things and I won’t be able to help you.” Well, if I just straighten things out a little bit, it couldn’t hurt, right?
So two session have come and gone. Most of the organizing has been around my calendar and my brain. I have a new love affair with post-it notes highlighting pens in different colors. I’m loving this!
So my friends, keep writing, and if you can send me pictures of your systems, closets, inspiration boards, etc., I’ll post them with your permission. It might be fun to visit each other in our closets. Happy Day!

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