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who has the best shoes–tall girls or short girls or medium girls?

You know those shoulda, coulda, woulda moments? Here’s one of mine. Those shoes in the picture belong to Sue Donnelly, my pal from London. From the first night of our conference in Irivine, she wore the best shoes. We hung out that Thursday night in the bar and she gave me the lowdown on the super strappy black pair she was wearing that night. And yes, I shoulda taken a picture! But her secret tip: they were from Zara, very inexpensive (comparatively) and comfortable (hard to believe, but I will try). This pair that’s photographed were worn on day four. I don’t care if she had to pack a separate suitcase for her shoes, every pair delighted me.

So I’m thinking: Sue is petite in stature. One of my daughters is too and like Sue, she always has the best high heels. I’m going to assume that when you’re shorter, you focus more on shoes. When you’re average height, maybe not so much. Am I walking right into a stereotype? I think I’m comparing myself to others and wondering why I’m shoe-safe. Is it a personality thing? Would I be someone else if I were in these shoes? Are you adventurous with shoes? Where are you finding them?

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