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Winterizing your accessories and don’t lose that earring!

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Recipe for winter earrings

If you’re in scarf wearing country, you may have noticed how taking your scarf on and off during the day messes with your earrings. I’ve gone to remove a scarf when I started to get steamy and gotten it caught on my earring and it pulls. Ow!

What’s the solution? The short days of winter call for shorter earrings. If they float above the scarf there’s less of a chance that your scarf and earrings will have an altercation.


Think of it like this: short days/short earrings; long days/long earrings

I’m wrapping a scarf around my neck nearly every day. A scarf is perfect for the climate I live in–both for indoors and outdoors. Temperatures indoors tend to be chilly in Bay Area winters. It’s rare to find oneself in a warm room.  Back in Minnesota where the houses are well-insulated, I’d only be putting a scarf on when I’m getting into my coat and heading out the door. Or least that’s what I noticed when I was visiting my folks in Dent, MN last year at this time.

So my earring choices are limited this time of year. They’re the ones that don’t stray far from my ear lobes and keep a safe distance from my scarf.

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Wear protection

One VERY IMPORTANT additional note!

The earrings I’m wearing in these pictures have spring action in the way they close. But most of my earrings (and maybe yours) have hooks on the back. Be sure you use those plastic safety backs that go over that hook and snuggle close to the back of your ear. I bought a bundle of them from Amazon a year or so ago and I could be dispatching them for months to come. It’s the best way I can think of to spend $3.41.

Yesterday I was following my rule about wearing shorter earrings as I’d be wearing a scarf most of the day, but I engaged in risky behavior that morning and went without the protection of those plastic safety backs. Why? It was Office Tuesday and I was working from home and just took the chance. (“What are the chances I’ll lose an earring here in the house?” I said to myself.)

Hours later I was paying the price for my recklessness. Caitlin, my trusty assistant, was leaving for the day. It was dark as we said goodbye at the door. I saw her walk past my office window and then I realized she’d left her NFL sized Gatorade water bottle that she claimed earlier is the best water bottle in the world. How could she go a week without it?

I ran out the door to give it to her before she drove away. She was so appreciative! We hugged one last time and my short earring and her giant hoop earring got tangled and when we pulled apart one of us was missing an earring. It was mine. We looked on the ground which was pretty dark at 5:30 p.m. There it was. I scooped it off the street and examined it for damage.

Our entanglement had caused the back of the earring, the hook part, to straighten out like a pencil. I molded the bend back into it and vowed right there never to go backless again.

The number of times I hug people in a day is far less than the number of times I whip my scarf on and off. Either way, you can prevent accidents from happening if you wear protection. Go ahead and splurge on those earring backs or if we’re seeing each other, just ask me for some. They’re in my trunk in my closet kit which is right next to my emergency survival kit. I’m prepared!

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    Amy Roseveare
    January 7, 2015 at 3:24 pm

    This is such great advice! I just got my mom a shorter pair of earrings for Christmas, as she is a scarf-wearing queen, and her longer earrings were always in the way.

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