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Hey there, I’m writing from Irvine where we’re in the middle of our conference. I have to find out how many countries are represented–lots! Here’s a funny beginning to it all. I’m in the elevator and these two beautiful women get in and they read my name tag and say, Oh Brenda, we love your books! So I find out they’re from New Zealand and Australia and I say, “I want to come and teach there. My daughter just got back from visiting and says I have to go there.” Turns out they were decision makers and by the time I got to my 5th floor exit, we’d planned it! October of 2010, I’ll be the keynote speaker and teach classes in Melbourne, Australia . . . and take a side trip to New Zealand because that’s in my contract, you know! So all my Australian and New Zealand Tips & Teasers friends, I want to see you!!!! (Those aren’t big countries, right? Tee Hee)

My daughter, Caitlin, is here assisting me and they told her, “You should come too!” I believe that will happen. Both my daughters have been there so it’s about time Mom gets to take 700 travel pictures and show every one of them to her kids while they have sticky glue on their chairs. I shouldn’t complain. It was sitting and viewing all those pictures Erin took in February that got my mouth watering to go. Now I am! Yippee!!!! More beauty and fashion tips to come from Irvine. Gotta go get dressed in outfit #4. Ciao Bellas!

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